Customised Van Racking

At Auto Solutions, we take care of the design, provision and installation of a large selection of incredibly useful shelving, storage and racking systems in Heathfield. All of our systems can be customised to fit in all makes and models of vehicles, using Sortimo shelving which have been specifically created for this purpose. This system has been designed to offer the ideal storage no matter what your needs. We have over 20 years of industry experience and have installed numerous vehicle accessories and storage in our time, working for garages like Mercedes and Birchwood Ford.

Sortimo Vehicle Racking & Storage Systems

We know that when you use your vehicle for business, it can be hard to keep your tools and possessions organised or easily accessible and it means you can't find what you want or takes you a while to locate it. A Sortimo vehicle racking system can completely transform your storage and the ease of use of your supplies. The Sortimo systems have a great selection of benefits, including that each system can be individually created to work with your requirements. This means that your storage can make your work day more efficient, giving you access to your tools and supplies in a way that makes sense to you. Vehicle racking can be a great asset for all trades as they have a solution for every problem. The systems can be used in all models of vehicles and constructed to work with your specific car or van. Sortimo is a name that represents guaranteed high quality and standards and all the shelving is expertly made and crash tested.

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Specialist Van and Vehicle Racking in Heathfield

Create a sense of order in your vehicle and in your work life by using vehicle racking, fitted by our professional team at Auto Solutions. We use Sortimo racking because they are experienced in what they do and have been constructing storage systems for over 45 years. The systems allow us to create a customised storage design for our clients which works around your individual specifications and creates exceptional organisation within your vehicle.

When you have the right kind of storage within your van, you have more options in terms of what you store, where you put the items, how you access them and how you utilise them. We are Sortimo partners, so have a great deal of experience in providing the most effective set ups for our clients. Our goal is to make your life simpler and more efficient, whilst adding value to your car or van.

The Advantages of Sortimo Vehicle Racking:

  • It makes full use of the space you have available to you in your vehicle
  • There are many different layouts and designs available
  • The racking is made of strong, high quality materials
  • You can enhance your racking set up with many compatible partner products
  • The items have all been quality tested by independent bodies, ensuring their strength and durability.

If you would like further details on Vehicle Racking Heathfield, a member of our team will be happy to help you. You can contact us by phone on 01323 831 644, or you can use the form at the top of this page.

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