Vehicle Tracking / Fleet Tracking

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Insurance approved on site fitters of tracking systems.

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We are a leading supplier and fitter of insurance approved vehicle tracking systems throughout the south east.

Whether for peace of mind or to meet insurance  requirements our range of tracking systems  will ensure your vehicle can be tracked in the event of a theft.

Our Fleet tracking sysytems operate throughout europe and are 24 hr monitored. These tracking systems also come as standard with tow away alert, tamper alert and can easily be transferred from one vehicle to another when the time comes to swap your vehicle.

We currently provide fleet tracking to many large firms in the south.

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Fleet Tracking

Fleet management tracking systems are becoming a useful instrument   to enable users to track their vehicles at any given time or place via the  internet. Fleet tracking can cost from as little as £84 per year and the tracking systems are fully transferrable between vehicles.


Advantages of fleet tracking includes

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary overtime
  • Provide more accurate billing for jobs
  • Eliminate unauthorised vehicle use
  • Provide more efficient routing
  • Improve response time
  • Practice safer driving techniques    

We are able to offer live demonstrations and in some cases a trial period so that potential users can see exactly how the systems will work. To find out more please call one of our trained technicians.