Parking Aids & Sensors

car with parking sensor beeping

Parking sensors- Sensors can be mounted at the front and rear of the vehicle and these gauge the proximity of objects and give out an audible / visual warning as you drive closer to them. Dents to the bumpers or underbody panels can happen all too easily when parking in unfamiliar places, thanks to low walls and bollards. Far worse is the chance of a child stepping out behind you to cross the road as you are about to reverse.    

Parking sensors make driving both easier and safer. Parking sensors can be colour coded to match the vehicles paint colour. Systems are also available with light displays which visually show how close you are getting to the object.

Reverse Cameras

reverse camera

Reverse camera systems are available for larger vehicles such as hgv and motorhomes. These systems allow you to view behind the vehicle on a screen mounted on either the dashboard or even the rear view mirror. Many different systems are available for more advice please contact one of our technicians on 01323 831 644

Reverse Warning Aids

van with reverse camera beeping

The CK3100 Parrot hands free kit displays your mobile phone's information on an LCD screen. The ingenious screen can be installed wherever users want  on the dashboard and provides an optimised viewing angle for greater comfort and readability.