Vehicle Locks & Protection


Secure your tools and vehicles from opportunist thieves with our range of high quality insurance approved vehicle locks.

  • Slam-Locks
  • Deadocks
  • Armaplates

Slam Locks

A slam-lock is a device that automatically locks the vehicle door immediately it is shut, without requiring any operation by the driver. t is primarily designed for applications such as multi drop delivery, high value loads and applications where the owner/ operator requires control over the security of their goods.  It is the function that appeals as much as the security.            



A Deadlock is a mechanical device fitted to a vehicle door. It operates by throwing a bolt into a receiver fitted to the opposing body section when operated by an external key. As Deadlocks are under the control of the driver, they are generally only appropriate for owner drivers or applications where the driver can be relied upon to operate the lock.



Armaplate is a unique and patented design, which works by completely encasing the vulnerable area around the door lock and or handle. On the outside is a tough, but aesthetically  pleasing stainless steel plate providing an incredibly tough barrier. This is further reinforced by another steel plate on the inside of the door, creating a triple barrier of steel between the thief and the contents of your van.