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Vehicle Racking Service in Sussex

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Auto Solutions specialise in vehicle racking and our state-of-the-art racking systems are designed by the industry leading manufacturer - Sortimo. We are proud to be authorised partners with Sortimo and install their leading range vehicle storage solutions.

If you spend lots of time searching for certain tools in the back of your van, a racking system may be the perfect solution. The ideal way of stopping your supplies and tools moving around during transit and organising them to save you time on a job - our bespoke racking solutions are a great addition to any commercial vehicle.

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Sortimo offer a varied range of storage solutions which simplify and organise the storage in your vehicle. Their configurations are designed for all makes and models of vehicles and are created using extremely durable materials, all of which have been crash tested.

At Auto Solutions we take care of the whole job, from design to racking, van livery to lighting security power, all the way to off grid vehicles.

Personalised Vehicle Racking Solutions

Our team will design a racking system that takes into account how you work, where you work and what you do. For more than 45 years Sortimo have been perfecting their units to ensure an elegant and practical design that improves productivity and profitability. Depending upon the industry you work in, we will design a racking system with industry-specific functions and a range of additional options to help aid your working day.

Racking System Benefits

Auto Solutions are experts in accessories for commercial vehicles. For many years we have been serving garages across Sussex, including Mercedes and Birchwood Ford. Installing a racking system in your vehicle offers a whole host of benefits: 

  • Improved productivity with less time spent searching for parts
  • Optimal use of storage space
  • Secured spaces with less chance of damage during transit  
  • Compatible for all makes and models of vehicles
  • Customised to your specific industry
  • Ability to adapt after installation to accommodate more tools

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