Vehicle Racking Solutions

Auto Solutions are commercial vehicle accessory specialists in Eastbourne. We supply and install accessories, including vehicle racking, on all makes and models of vehicles. Our team work with individuals, businesses and a range of garages across Sussex including: Eurovans VW, Birchwood Ford and Mercedes.

Sortimo Vehicle Storage

We are experts in the supply and installation of high quality vehicle racking. Vehicle racking is the perfect way to organise your work van and we are proud to be authorised partners with Sortimo - the leading manufacturer of vehicle storage and van racking solutions in the South East. Sortimo offer a range of tailor-made solutions for vehicle storage that improve productivity with profitability.

Our team are experienced in the installation of Sortimo products. Not only will a new racking system help you and your employees with organisation and structure, it will save them time spent searching for parts for a job. We can advise you of the perfect Sortimo product and design for your specific needs.

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Bespoke Vehicle Racking Solutions

Depending upon the sector you work in you will require a specific racking system design. Sortimo racking can be customised with industry-specific functions and different extras to help with your working day. We will run through your requirements with you in order to design the ideal storage solutions for your vehicles.

Through optimum loading space utilisation you will be able to hold and transport more tools and equipment. In addition to this, the right van racking system will enable better organisation of time-consuming tasks such as searching for parts, tools or other materials.

As a Sortimo partner we can advise you of their products and design a solution which is specific for your needs.

The Benefits of a Sortimo Racking System:

  • Improved productivity – no more searching for parts
  • Optimal use of loading space
  • Optimally secured – reducing the chances of damage during transit to the tools and vehicle  
  • Compatible for all makes and models of vehicles
  • Customised to your specific industry
  • Can be adapted after installation to accommodate more tools etc

Contact Auto Solutions for more information.

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