Van & Commercial Accessories

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Over the past years we have become specialists in commercial vehicle accessories supplying our services to Garages such as Eurovans VW, Birchwood Ford and Mercedes in and around Sussex to name but a few. We provide such a large variety of services, below are some examples...

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Vehicle Racking Solutions

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We are proud to be the authorised partners for Sortimo vehicle racking solutions in the south east. Tailor-made for your requirements Sortimo equipment fulfils your transport requirements.

As a Sortimo partner we can advise you of their products and design a solution which is specific for your needs. The Sortimo website offers more information about their products.

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Sortimo Racking Solutions Video

Watch the video below to see more about Sortimo.


Commercial Accessories

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We can provide a variety of different storage solutions from roof racking and ladders,  grilles, bulkheads to pipe tubes and carriers.


Light-bars: We supply an array of light bars including beacon bars, tail indicators, xenon light bars and LED bars. Light bars ensure that work can be carried out on highways, work sites & quarries providing sufficient illumination so that the vehicle can be seen effectively.

Interior Lighting: We supply and fit  a selection of additional interior lighting tailored to suit the customers individual requirements.

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Beacons: We specialise in providing flashing beacons essential for any industry that involves working outside and through the night. Flashing beacons  are essential for any maintenance work as they alert people to potential hazards and help ensure public safe

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