Expert Vehicle Racking in Brighton

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We offer a range of magnificent vehicle racking, storage and shelving solutions in Brighton and the surrounding areas. We offer the supply and install of racking for a range of vehicles and vans, utilising the outstanding vehicle shelving and storage system created by Sortimo. This system has been created to provide the perfect storage solution for your van or car. With years of experience in the industry we have the expert knowledge of installing a range of vehicle accessories and have even carried out work for a number of garages, including Birchwood Ford and Mercedes.

Sortimo Van Racking Solutions

A disorganised vehicle with inadequate storage can mean it takes an unnecessary amount of time trying to find the right tool, or you may waste time moving your tools around in your vehicle to find something, maybe even causing potential damage to your vehicle. The fitting of a Sortimo vehicle racking system could transform your working day, helping you to find everything you need with ease! The Sortimo system offers a wide range of amazing benefits, including that you can create a set up tailored to your requirements to help you keep organised in a much more efficient way. The right type of storage can make a huge impact on how you do your job and enhance your workflow with easy access to your tools and equipment.

Regardless of your job, role and how you work, Sortimo have options that can be customised to suit you and your needs. Sortimo racking can be used in all makes and models of vehicles and can be completely personalised to your car or van. The shelves and racking are manufactured with quality and have also be crash tested - offering you reliability.

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Customised Vehicle & Van Racking

Vehicle racking installed by our expert team at Auto Solutions allows you to being some order to your van, making your job easier and more streamlined by enhancing the way you work. Sortimo have been offering storage solutions for more than than 45 years, making them experts in what they do, we continue to use their products to create you a bespoke setup which caters perfectly to your requirements and delivers supreme organisation.

Selecting effective storage for your vehicle can provide you with more choice on what you can store, how you get to those items and how you move them from one place to another. We are Sortimo partners and have extensive experience in creating effective storage solutions for on the go. We hope to simplify your life and offer value to your car or van.

The Advantages of Sortimo Vehicle Racking:

  • It offers a great resolution to making the most of you vehicle space.
  • Choose from a range of different designs and layouts.
  • The van racking systems are expertly constructed, using highly durable materials
  • You can add to your racking with a range of partner products and accessories, which are compatible with the Sortimo system.
  • The racking and has been quality tested by a number of independent bodies - confirming its durability.

For more information on Vehicle Racking Brighton, contact us today by phone on 01323 831 644, or by using the form at the top of this page.

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