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We supply and install incredible vehicle racking and shelving solutions in Worthing and the surrounding areas. We utilise the outstanding Sortimo vehicle shelving and storage solutions, which have been designed to provide the ideal storage for your van or car. We have in-depth experience installing vehicle accessories and have carried out work for many garages including Birchwood Ford and Mercedes.

Sortimo Vehicle Solutions

We understand that if you have a disorganised vehicle or it doesn't have good storage, then you can take excessive amounts of time trying to find the right tool, or you can have the frustration of tools moving around in the back of your van, which can potentially cause damage. Having Sortimo racking fitted could be transformative to your day to day life! Sortimo have a wide range of benefits, including many different types of storage, which can help you organise your car or van in a much more effective way. The right storage can enhance and support how you do your job by making your tools much easier to access and store.

Regardless of what your role is and how you do it, Sortimo will have options that can be customised to work for you. The racking and shelves are dependably made and have been crash tested for extra reliability. Sortimo racking works with all models and makes of cars and vans and can be personalised for many different designs.

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Customised Vehicle Racking  

Vehicle racking is an effective way to enhance how you work and to bring some order to your van or car's storage, which together can help make your job easier to do and more streamlined. Sortimo have more than 45 years's experience in what they do and we will use their products to create an organisation setup which caters perfectly to your requirements.

Selecting the right storage for your vehicle can give you more choice on what you store, how you get to those items and how you move it from one place to another. We a partner with Sortimo and have thorough experience in using them to create an effective storage solution on the go, which will simplify your life and bring more value to your van or car.

The Advantages of Sortimo Vehicle Racking:

  • It makes the most of the space in your vehicle
  • There are many different layouts and designs available
  • They constructed from durable materials
  • You can purchase many different partner products which are compatible with Sortimo
  • The racking has had its quality confirmed by independent bodies

For further information on Vehicle Racking in Worthing, contact us now by email on or by phone on 01323 831 644.

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