Vehicle Racking Specialists in Uckfield

If you are looking for vehicle racking in Uckfield, Auto Solutions work with Sortimo vehicle racking and we will create the ideal racking solution for your vehicle. We are experts in accessories for commercial vehicles and have years of experience providing our skills to garages around the Sussex area, like Mercedes and Birchwood Ford.

Sortimo Vehicle Storage

Are you spending too long looking for lost tools or supplies in the back of your van? Or are you fed up with your goods moving around as you drive? We can install the ideal solution for you: Sortimo vehicle racking. Sortimo have created a huge range of storage solutions which simplify and organise your vehicle’s storage. Creating organised storage can entirely revolutionise how you use your transport and how you do your job.

Sortimo is tailored to every possible need with configurations that are not only made from durable materials but that have been crash tested, allow for quick access and handling and add value to your transport. The racking systems have been designed for all makes and models of vehicles and can work well with all layouts.

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Personalised Vehicle Racking Solutions

How you work, where you work and what you do can all have impact of what you need out of a vehicle racking system, so we will construct a design based on your individual needs. Sortimo have over 45 years of experience and have spent time making their units elegantly and practically designed for every challenge.

Well planned storage gives you more flexibility in what you can store, transport and access effortlessly. If you would like an efficient racking solution for your vehicle, we can arrange to install a superb Sortimo solution. As a Sortimo partner, we specialise in crafting the perfect plan for your set up.

How a Vehicle Racking Storage Solution Can Benefit You:

  • Capitalise on your transport’s space
  • Adaptable design options to work for you
  • Incredibly robust
  • Great options for all trades
  • Compatible with partner products
  • The quality has been confirmed by independent bodies

If you would like further information, contact us by email us, phone us or complete our online form.

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