Van Racking Solutions

Here at Auto Solutions, we are experts in the provision and fitting of vehicle racking solutions throughout Tunbridge Wells. We can install racking on all models and makes of vehicles and will be able to create the perfect racking solution for you. Being a commercial vehicle accessory specialist, we support businesses across Sussex including:

  • Mercedes
  • Eurovans VW
  • Birchwood Ford

Sortimo Vehicle Storage

We specialise in installing an assortment of top-quality van racking options from Sortimo. These racking systems are designed to organise, streamline and improve efficiency. Sortimo pride themselves in creating well thought out products which simplify and improve day to day life, saving time and increasing profitability.

We will help to put together a personalised vehicle racking solution that is designed to fit perfectly into your vehicle. The Sortimo storage systems help to make the most of your space and organise it in a constructive way, so that you can find what you need without difficulty. The van racking has undergone crash tests and it has been proven withstand intense conditions.

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Personalised Vehicle Racking Solutions

We know that your job, the way you work and what vehicle you have can all affect what kind of racking you require. We work with Sortimo racking because it is well designed and provides practical and incredibly valuable racking options. You simply need to discuss your needs with us and we will produce the most sensible solution for your circumstances.

Keeping the space in your transportation well designed lets you store more and access it more quickly and easily. It also means that things are less likely to get lost within your car, van or lorry and it will save you time searching for what you do need.

We are pleased to be one of Sortimo’s partners in the southeast and we can guide you on all their options and how they can benefit you.

The Merits of Sortimo Storage Systems:

  • Make the most of the whole of vehicle’s storage
  • Customisable design options for your business
  • Racking designs can be edited to add more functionality
  • Storage is securely designed to keep everything in place during travel
  • Can be used with any make of vehicle

Contact Us now and find out how vehicle racking can greatly improve your vehicle's space.

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