Professional Vehicle Racking in Bexhill

At Auto Solutions we offer exceptional vehicle racking and shelving in Lewes. We use the excellent Sortimo vehicle racking solutions to provide you with the perfect vehicle racking for your van or car. We have numerous years of experience fitting accessories into vehicles and we have worked at many garages within Sussex, including both Mercedes and Birchwood Ford.

Sortimo Vehicle Storage

When vehicles are disorganised or don't have a good storage system, you can spend large amounts of time trying to find tools or dealing with them moving around in the back whilst you drive from job to job. A Sortimo vehicle racking setup could be the ideal solution for you. Sortimo systems have many benefits including having a variety of different storage choices, that will help to organise your van or car effectively. Having the right storage in your vehicle can drastically improve how effectively you can access what you need and do your job.

Sortimo have options that can be personalised for all vehicles and vocations. The Sortimo shelves and racking are durably made and have been crash tested for added reassurance. Sortimo racking is also a great option to be able to get to all your work supplies quickly and easy, along with bringing added value to your van or car. The racking fits all makes and models of vehicles and can be customised for all different layouts.

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Bespoke Vehicle Racking Solutions

Vehicle racking can help improve how you work and organise everything you need to store in easily accessible and practical ways that contribute to making your job simpler and less stressful. We will construct a design that is built around your individual needs. One of the many reasons we use Sortimo is that they have over 45 years experience in their field and have solutions for most vehicle racking needs.

Having the right storage can help to provide you with more options in terms of what you store, how you access it and how you transport it from place to place. For an efficient option for your storage needs on the go, we can fit Sortimo storage racking. We are a partner of Sortimo and have experience in creating the perfect storage setups for our clients.

The Merits of Sortimo Vehicle Racking Storage:

  • They can help to capitalise on the space in your vehicle
  • There are a wide range of specifications available
  • They have a strong build
  • You can buy a variety of partner products that they are compatible with
  • Independent bodies have confirmed the quality of the products

If you would like more information on Vehicle Racking in Bexhill, contact us now by phone on 01323 831 644 or by email on

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