Car Remapping in Brighton

At Auto Solutions, we have extensive experience in all elements of engine remapping. Thanks to our knowledge within the sector we can supply you with a first class ECU remapping and tuning service, which can transform the performance of your car.

Remapping is a way of updating the microchip inside your car's Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This allows us to upgrade your vehicle's manufacturer's settings, to improve how the automobile functions. It is an affordable solution that can give you incredible benefits.

We are specialists in our field and our team will make sure that the work the work is carried out meticulously. We have comprehensive knowledge of tuning and vehicle maintenance.

Tuning is perfect for all vehicles and cars, and can be used on more than 5000 different types of makes and models. Our in-house technical engineers have used their skills and knowhow to custom create the remapping software. The tuning will then individually cater for your modifications and needs.

What Can We Help With?

  • Large turbo and supercharger modifications and conversions
  • Performance exhaust systems and air induction
  • Tailoring for large injector tuning
  • Large intercoolers
  • ....and much more.

We have ensured that the remap service has had considerable testing , so you will get great results every time.

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Why is Vehicle Remapping Beneficial?

  • It gives you more power and better performance
  • Greater torque across the whole rev range
  • Sharper throttle response
  • Faster power delivery
  • Efficient installation
  • Can be reverted if needed

We can support a wide range of different vehicle types, whether you have a small petrol car, or large van, we can help to improve how it runs with our remapping. All tuning is carried out safely and we are dedicated to providing an outstanding service, each and every time.

If you want to have a more effective, enjoyable drive, with better power and efficiency, remapping is the perfect option.

Contact us today for further information on remapping in Brighton. Use the website form on this page or call 01323 831 644.

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