Hands Free Phone Kits

If you're caught using a hand-held mobile phone or similar device while driving or riding, you can expect to get an automatic fixed penalty notice. This means you'll get three penalty points on your driving licence and a fine . By fitting a discreet hands free phone-kit to your vehicle, you will be able to accept and make phone calls as normal without the risk of penalties.

Parrot Certified Installers

Our fully trained technicians are able to discreetly fit a phone-kit without altering your vehicle in any way and are able to transfer the phone-kits between vehicles, when the time comes to swap. We can supply and fit many makes and models, however we are Parrot certified installers and recommend the following phone-kits for reliability and price.

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Parrot CK3100 hands free car kit Key

Parrot CK3100

The CK3100 Parrot hands free kit displays your mobile phone's information on an LCD screen. The ingenious screen can be installed wherever users want on the dashboard and provides an optimised viewing angle for greater comfort and readability.

CK3100 Features

  • LCD screen displays standard mobile phone information: incoming calls, recent calls, missed calls, voice mail, directory, ect.
  • Hands-free, unidirectionnal microphone provides voice recognition dialling of up to 150 names, while reducing background noise and ambient echo.
  • Browser button allows users to scroll through menus and control the volume.


Parrot MKI9100 AND MKI9200

The Parrot MKI9100 and MKI9200 are Bluetooth hands-free systems with an OLED screen. A wireless remote control can be positioned on the steering wheel or dashboard and allows the driver to control all the functions of the MKI9100 and MKI9200

Parrot MK19100


Fully integrated hands free systems, compatible with most vehicles and will integrate directly through vehicles original factory fitted audio display, without the need for additional screens or displays. For more information please call one our technicians on 01323 831 644 or visit www.fiscon-mobile.com

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